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Enhancing financial and economic yield in tourism: yield associated with different tourist types

Becken, Susanne
Lennox, J.
Fitt, Helen M.
Butcher, G.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::1506 Tourism
The programme “Enhancing Financial and Economic Yield in Tourism” has completed a range of investigations into various dimensions of private sector yield of tourism businesses, as well as public sector yield of tourism at local and national levels. Results from the earlier studies raised the question whether different types of tourists would differ with respect to their yield generated in the private sector and their costs posed to the public sector. Yield in this report is understood as net benefit – financial, economic, environmental or social. For the private sector yield, the measures of Value Added, Free Financial Cash Flow and Economic Value Added will be used, and for public sector yield the ratios between costs and revenue will be derived as a yield measure. The research objectives were to: 1. Understand tourist activity patterns in relation to impacts on the private and public sectors; 2. Derive yields for different types of visitors; and 3. Assess visitor satisfaction as one aspect of (social) yield.