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The School of Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University bases its teaching and research on the coastal areas, urban centres, townships, agricultural lands and mountains of the South Island.

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    Design study: Cardrona town
    (Lincoln University, 1996) Evatt, Thomas William
    The Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) are interested in establishing new settlements in the district in a move to ease current and future pressures on existing settlements caused by continued residential growth and increasing visitor numbers. The Council is concerned that continued growth will have an undesirable effect on the landscape resource, identified as vital to the commerce and well being of the community. In many areas the current form of scattered and ad hoc development has caused unacceptable and irreparable damage to the visual environment. Cardrona has been identified as a likely site for new development because of the recreational and scenic opportunities which exist. The Councils main concern is that development of such settlements will become sporadic, driven by land speculators and opportunist developers. Resulting in development that is not entirely appropriate in meeting the needs and goals of the community. The Council wishes to see limited residential and tourist development. The Council has particular interest in any impacts development will have on the existing landscape character and environment. Associated with these concerns the Council desires that future development directly addresses the issues surrounding development. These issues can be considered as environmental, economic and community goals, identified in the 1995 Queenstown Lakes District Strategic Plan. To achieve these goals the Council is now accepting proposals from the private sector. Ultimately one proposal will be approved and with assistance from the Council will become reality. I have been commissioned by a large land development firm to design the layout for their proposal to be submitted to the Council for approval.
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    Wellington transport umbilicus : Design study
    (Lincoln University, 1996) Steel, Matthew James
    The Wellington Railway Station and it's adjacent area shall be identified as the gateway to the North and South Islands as well as the Wellington CBD. The design will concentrate on developing an efficient transport hub which will incorporate buses, trains, light rail, pedestrians, cars and interislander ferry. However the site should also encourage activity which is more permanent than just transport exchange and this activity shall be linked to the built structures on site.
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    Riccarton High School: Landscape survey study
    (Lincoln College, University of Canterbury, 1969)
    This landscaping project was undertaken at the request of the Principal and members of the Works Committee, Board of Governors, Riccarton High School. The project, was carried out by members of the Landscape Design Certificate and Diploma Courses, Lincoln College, 1969. The project was divided into two sections; (i) The Landscape Survey outlayed in this publication as compiled be all students, and (ii) Individual presentation of designs for the Main South Road frontage based on the conclusions from the survey conducted.
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    Sunnyside: A therapeutic landscape : LASC 408 design study
    (Lincoln University, 1996) Atkinson, Lisa
    The last five years has seen dramatic changes in the health system of New Zealand. The restructuring of health service has meant that increasingly cost efficient options must be adopted. These have had dramatic ramifications for many New Zealanders. In Canterbury HealthLink South has the responsibility for providing public health services. Currently one of the aims of this CHE is rationalising exisitng operations. This has lead to a proposal to consolidate all exisiting Christchurch mental health services on one site. The need for this rationalisation is a direct result of changes in modern psychiatric care, with emphasis now on locating the mentally and intellectually disabled in the community, rather than within instituations. However it must be recognised that there will always be a cerain number of people who cannot live within the community. HealthLink South is currently investigating possibilities for the provision of services to these people. The favoured option is to re-develop Sunnyside Hospital as this has been identified as the most suitable site. HealthLink South have engaged the services of a landscape architect to investigae the potential of the site to provide a high-qulaity environment for patient care, and to develop a plan based upon current philosophies of treatment.
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    Development proposal Addington Open Integrated Campus: Old Addington Railway Workshops site, Canterbury Saleyards site, Christchurch : Feasibility study
    (Lincoln University, 1995) De Nys, Alida M.
    The Committee for the Open Integrated Campus, Addington is seeking advice for siting buildings and determining appropriate characteristics for these buildings. It is seeking a landscape design for siting buildings and determining appropriate characteristics for these buildings. It is also seeking a landscape design for the area. The design brief sets out the information and issues involved in the Campus design. Creative interpretation and resolution of these issues will provide the Addington Open Integrated Campus with a landscape vision which will take it into the 21st century.