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An analysis of Zespri's 2003 Organic Kiwifruit Database: factors affecting production

Hunt, Lesley M.
Fairweather, John R.
Fields of Research
A database of many variables collected by Zespri from their organic kiwifruit growers and packhouses has been used to find any factors that might enhance the production of larger fruit or higher production volumes. The Zespri database for the 2002-2003 growing season, containing information on 185 organic Hayward Green and 35 organic Hort16A orchards was analysed to produce summaries of variables such as the percentages and production levels of fruit in each size over all orchards. These variables were also related to the spray regimes used for mineral oil and Bt spray and the geographical location. As the data were not taken from controlled and designed scientific experiments, the results demonstrating relationships between spraying regimes and location and production variables do not show cause and effect, but should be taken as indications of what might be happening in these orchards. The database makes many links about the enhancement of production by a consideration of spraying regimes and geographical location, and there are many more ways in which the data could be used to suggest future areas worthy of further exploration and research.