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Results from a survey of organic kiwifruit growers: problems and practices that affect production

Cook, Andrew J.
Hunt, Lesley M.
Fairweather, John R.
Fields of Research
This is a report of an investigation of the practices and problems of organic kiwifruit production. These are examined to better understand factors related to productivity with the general aim of improving productivity levels. The investigation is based on the analysis of a survey of organic kiwifruit growers. The research utilised data that was gathered by survey using a self-completed questionnaire. Relevant data was also sourced from a comprehensive database maintained by Zespri. The survey gained 80 respondents from a possible 220 growers. The questionnaire contained a range of questions investigating the topic areas of crop protection, orchard management, advice and decision-making and strategies for the future. The data was subjected to statistical analysis to explore relationships between items and measures of productivity. The research has given direction to areas of further work so as to generate cogent findings and has identified factors involved in organic kiwifruit production that either positively or negatively impact upon production.