Recent Submissions

  • Advance your career, engage with the technology and resources that influence your profile 

    Tritt, Sarah; Dawson, Roger; Ash, Michelle (Lincoln UniversityLincoln University, 2017-08-29)
    Building a lasting career requires energy and agility. Protect your future by continually interpreting and understanding the view that others see of you by refining your focus, recognising opportunities, and adapting to ...
  • Crosswalks, mapping tables, and normalisation rules: when we don’t even share the same vocabulary for authority control 

    Fitchett, Deborah
    Institutional repositories typically make it easier for users to type in new metadata than to look up a standard vocabulary. To provide browse functionality, repository administrators often create ad hoc systems of authority ...
  • Lincoln College theses and dissertations deposited in the library 

    Scott, Anne-Maree (Lincoln College, 1988)
    The number of postgraduate students enrolled at Lincoln College has risen from 25 in 1962 to 209 in 1988. The majority of these students submits a thesis, dissertation or major project report in the process of completing ...
  • Distinguish yourself with ORCID and Altmetric 

    Tritt, Sarah; Dawson, Roger; Ash, Michelle
    A programme of study requires considered planning and preparation. Many factors influence the journey and impinge on the outcomes, but definable career goals emerge from the experience of producing scholarship and research ...
  • Open access publishing 

    Dawson, Roger; Cosson, Mary (Lincoln University. Library, Teaching & Learning, 2016-07-06)
    Whether you are an existing or emerging researcher find out about Open Access, author's rights, managing research outputs, providing durable and global access for your research.

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