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A model of magnesium metabolism in young sheep. Magnesium absorption and excretion

Robson, AB
Field, AC
Sykes, AR
McKinnon, AE
Journal Article
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A model of Mg metabolism in sheep is proposed. It is based on standard Michaelis-Menten enzyme kinetics to describe the transport of Mg across the rumen wall and passive diffusion to describe the absorption of Mg in the hindgut. Factors known to have an effect on Mg metabolism in farm animals, namely the concentrations of K and Mg in the diet, and the physico-chemical conditions within the rumen as determined by the type of diet, are incorporated into the model. Consideration of the rumen as the only site of Mg absorption provided an inadequate mechanistic description of Mg metabolism in sheep. To ensure compatibility between predicted Mg absorption and recent independent data sets for Mg balances, it was necessary to include in the model aspects of Mg absorption that operate in the hindgut. The results from this model suggest that there is a need for a series of experiments to determine the important aspects of Mg transport in the hindgut of sheep. Mechanisms of homeostasis are discussed.
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