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Independent academic review of biological and epidemiological effects of cellphone radiation

Cherry, Neil J.
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The widespread and massively growing rate of usage of mobile phones around the world is leading to having over a billion people using their phones most days. Initially we had bag phones and car phones. Over 10 years ago we moved to portable handsets which originally were analogue phones and now most of the phones are digital. With the phone held against the ear the exposure of the head to modulated or digitally pulsed microwaves from the antenna, is very high. The head is a very sensitive bioelectromagnetic organ. Resonance, absorption and electrical interference are classical biophysics mechanisms. Cherry (2002) shows that natural electromagnetic radiation, the Schumann Resonance signal, when it is modulated by Solar Activity, is associated with modulation of human health effects, including cancer, cardiac, reproductive and neurological diseases and mortality, through the melatonin mechanism. The study also shows that similar elevated health effects are found in occupational studies of electrical workers and physiotherapists exposed to short wave and microwaves. Since the cellphone radiation from within 500m from a cell site, exposes the people’s bodies to about a thousand to a million times higher, and the cellphone user’s heads to about a billion times higher exposure than the mean Schumann resonance signal, it is scientifically plausible that the same effects will be found from exposure to cellphone radiation. This review confirms that scientific studies show all these effects are associated with exposure to cellphone radiation. It is therefore scientifically plausible that these health effects will be found in populations living within the vicinity of cellphone sites and from using cellphones.
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