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Evidence of neurological effects of electromagnetic radiation: implications for degenerative disease and brain tumour from residential, occupational, cell site and cell phone exposures

Cherry, Neil J.
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The brain it is a really sensitive bioelectromagnetic organ. Therefore it is scientifically plausible that brain will react to and be sensitive to external electromagnetic signals. It has been shown that has very strong evidence that the brain detects and responds to the Schumann Resonance signal of 0.1pW/cm2. Since the first evidence that RF radiation damages chromosomes in 1959, many independent studies have identified broken DNA stands, chromosome aberrations and altered gene expression in animal cells, human cells and in living animals and humans from EMR exposure. Microwaves, including cell phone radiation, open the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Exposure to RF/MW is consistently associated with headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration and memory loss. These symptoms have been called "The Radiofrequency Sickness Syndrome" or "Microwave Syndrome". Because these are subjective symptoms they have been largely dismissed in the West. These symptoms are now shown with cell phone use in a significant doseresponse manner. All of these effects are linked to electromagnetic radiation’s ability to alter cellular calcium ions and GABA through cellular signal transduction processes not involving heat, to reduce melatonin and damage DNA, and enhance Apoptosis. A large and growing body of epidemiological research is revealing EMR associated neurological effects, degenerative disease and brain tumour. Cell phone radiation is involved in many of the biological effects and now shows significant increases in DNA damage and brain tumours. Residential exposures down to 0.4nW/cm2, typically a thousand times stronger than the Schumann Resonance signal, and living within the vicinity of cell sites, are shown to have a causal relationship to the melatonin reduction related sleep disturbance. Therefore they will produce a host of other genotoxic and melatonin related health effects.