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  • Achieving success with career crafting 

    Vidwans, Mohini P.
    A presentation on achieving success with career crafting.
  • Crafting careers in accounting: Redefining gendered selves 

    Vidwans, Mohini P.; Du Plessis, R. A. (Emerald, 2019-12-19)
    Purpose – While women are increasingly in senior positions in accountancy firms, a century after gaining entry to this once exclusively male field, they are still struggling to achieve career success. The concept of possible ...
  • Next generation systems; A framework for prioritising innovation 

    Renwick, Alan; Wreford, Anita B.; Dynes, R.; Johnson, P.; Edwards, Grant; Hedley, C.; King, W.; Clinton, P. (FLRCMassey University, 2017)
    Primary production industries are constantly changing in response to external factors such as new market opportunities, consumer demands, changing community expectations of the social and environmental outcomes associated ...
  • An innovation systems approach to understanding the impacts of grass grub damage mitigation in irrigated Canterbury dairy pastures 

    Zydenbos, S. M.; Taylor, A. L.; Yang, Wei; O'Callaghan, M.; Hardwick, S.; Townsend, R. J.; Meenken, E. D.; Manning, M. J.; Roberts, A. H. C.; Dynes, R. A. (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2019-10-28)
    An innovation systems approach involving agribusiness representatives, researchers and farmers identified that damage caused by grass grub (Costelytra giveni) was a key factor contributing to areas of reduced yield within ...
  • Exchange rate puzzle in New Zealand: New evidence 

    Hu, Baiding; Lin, Yingjie; Dalziel, Paul C. (Hanyang Economic Research Institute, 2019-08-31)
    This paper adopts an event-study approach that utilises a combination of the asset pricing model of the exchange rate due to Engel and West (2010) and a state space model to examine the impact of monetary policy shocks on ...

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