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An economic survey of New Zealand wheatgrowers: enterprise analysis survey no. 6, 1981-82

Lough, R. D.
McCartin, P. J.
Rich, M. M.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::140201 Agricultural Economics , ANZSRC::070106 Farm Management, Rural Management and Agribusiness
This Report is the sixth in an annual series of economic surveys of New Zealand wheat growing farms. These surveys have been undertaken by the Agricultural Economics Research Unit at Lincoln College on behalf of Wheat Growers Sub-Section of Federated Farmers of New Zealand Inc. Specific attention has been focused on the physical characteristics of wheat growing farms, the area of wheat and other crops sown, wheat yields, management practices and costs and returns for the 1981-82 wheat crop. An attempt has been made to allocate plant and machinery overhead costs to the wheat enterprise on a current cost basis. A comparison of this information with past surveys enables a more comprehensive profile of the industry to emerge.