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The New Zealand potato marketing system

Sheppard, R. L.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::1505 Marketing , ANZSRC::0703 Crop and Pasture Production
A significant part of the A.E.R.U. research programme is associated with marketing. Within this programme the need for continued study of marketing systems for primary produce is well represented. This need is recognised for both local and export oriented marketing systems. In 1979, the New Zealand Potato Board commissioned the A.E.R.U. to carry out a consumer survey of Christchurch and Auckland households with a view to obtaining a description of potato consumption patterns, identifying the importance of potato competitors and identifying market areas that were likely to be the most responsive (in terms of increased consumption) to promotional effort. The findings of this research were published as A.E.R.U. Research Report No. 105. In 1981, The New Zealand Potato Growers' Federation requested the A.E.R.U. to carry out a study of the New Zealand potato marketing system, intended to identify the present level of use of the various marketing channels and to identify key features of the New Zealand potato marketing system. This publication presents the findings of that research.