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Studies of the toxicity and phytotoxicity of two soil applied granulated systemic insecticides

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dc.description.abstract Control of aphids on agricultural crops can be obtained by various cultural practices, but insecticides figure prominently in most programmes aimed at obtaining economic control of aphid species which are persistent virus vectors. A recent advance in insecticide formulations has been the development of granulated systemic aphicides. The aim of this thesis was to investigate the properties of two of these granulated insecticides, namely Isolan, a carbamate and phorate, an organophosphate. In particular an attempt was made to assess the persistence and phytotoxicity of these granulated systemic insecticides following application to the soil. Because Isolan and phorate are comparatively new insecticides in New Zealand, an endeavour was made to establish the relative aphicidal properties of these chemicals in the vapour phase and as contact insecticides, in order to envisage their suitability as granular applied aphicides. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Lincoln College, University of Canterbury en
dc.subject toxicity en
dc.subject phytotoxicity en
dc.subject insecticides en
dc.subject toxicology en
dc.subject aphicide en
dc.subject phorate en
dc.subject isolan en
dc.subject R. padi L. en
dc.title Studies of the toxicity and phytotoxicity of two soil applied granulated systemic insecticides en
dc.type Thesis en University of Canterbury en Masters en Master of Agricultural Science en
lu.thesis.supervisor Harrison, R. A.
lu.contributor.unit Department of Ecology en
dc.subject.anzsrc 070308 Crop and Pasture Protection (Pests, Diseases and Weeds) en
dc.subject.anzsrc 079902 Fertilisers and Agrochemicals (Incl. Application) en
dc.subject.anzsrc 111506 Toxicology (Incl. Clinical Toxicology) en

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