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Canterbury pastures

Alexander, R. E.
Conference Contribution - published
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ANZSRC::070305 Crop and Pasture Improvement (Selection and Breeding)
I have been asked to introduce the question of "Canterbury Pastures" or "Seed Mixtures for Canterbury." The actual title is really of little importance for if I can, by any means, provoke a discussion and bring considered opinion to bear on pastures and pasture management in Canterbury, then I shall have achieved something. Our pasture land generally is not on the upgrade in regard to production. I would have expected that at this juncture everything relative to seed mixtures and types of pasture would have been discussed and be well known and that I shall be merely repeating. Be that as it may, I shall repeat. Canterbury pastures can be divided into three types - a) Temporary, b) Short rotation, c) Permanent, all of which are largely required for sheep carrying and fat lamb production, Except on wheat land where seed production is an important branch of Grass farming, the lands on which they are grown can roughly be divided into - 1)Wheat plains, 2) Plain lands 3)Hill country.
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