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  • Photogrammetry for assessment of pasture biomass 

    Wigley, Kathryn; Owens, J. L.; Westerschulte, M.; Riding, Paul; Fourie, Jaco; Werner, Armin (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2019-11-04)
    New tools are required to provide estimates of pasture biomass as current methods are time consuming and labour intensive. This proof-of-concept study tested the suitability of photogrammetry to estimate pasture height in ...
  • Evaluation of spray deposition in potatoes using various spray delivery systems 

    Roten, Rory; Hewitt, A. J.; Ledebuhr, M.; Thistle, H.; Connell, Robert J.; Wolf, T. M.; Sankar, S.; Woodward, Simon (New Zealand Plant Protection Society Inc., 2013-10-28)
    The tomato-potato psyllid incurs high control costs through intensive spraying and other treatments. A field study was conducted in March 2012 in Pukekohe, New Zealand, to evaluate the pesticide deposition potential of ...
  • Evaluation of spray drift in potatoes using various spray delivery systems 

    Roten, Rory; Ferguson, Jason; Hewitt, Andrew (New Zealand Plant Protection Society, 2014)
    Spray deposition has previously been studied within a potato canopy. In a follow-up study, spray drift was evaluated using three treatments from the previous research plus two treatments encompassing an additional grower ...
  • Evaluation of spray drift with an experimental ultrasonic sensor sprayer in a dwarf apple orchard 

    Roten, Rory; Praat, John-Paul (New Zealand Plant Protection Society, 2015)
    Dwarf apple trees are becoming more common in New Zealand due to their easier maintenance and more efficient production. However, this may increase the risk of spray drift if orchardists’ do not adjust spraying practices ...
  • Using stream flow and chemistry data to estimate catchment scale groundwater and nitrate fluxes 

    Woodward, Simon; Stenger, Roland; Bidwell, Vincent (FLRC, 2013)
    Groundwater is the dominant flow path carrying land surface recharge, including dissolved contaminants, to surface waters draining a catchment. The dominance of the groundwater pathway poses a challenge to management of ...

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