Recent Submissions

  • Using stream flow and chemistry data to estimate catchment scale groundwater and nitrate fluxes 

    Woodward, Simon; Stenger, Roland; Bidwell, Vincent (FLRC, 2013)
    Groundwater is the dominant flow path carrying land surface recharge, including dissolved contaminants, to surface waters draining a catchment. The dominance of the groundwater pathway poses a challenge to management of ...
  • Time domain reflectometry measurements of road basecourse moisture content 

    Platt, Ian; Woodhead, Ian; Richards, Sean D.; Tan, Adrian; Hagedorn, Michael; Herrington, P.; Cook, S. (Exeley Inc., 2014-12-01)
    This paper describes an empirical transform between the propagation time (tp) data obtained from a non invasive Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) sensor to the percentage moisture content θᵥ within two different road making ...
  • Critical pathways programme: Unravelling sub-catchment scale nitrogen delivery to waterways 

    Stenger, Roland; Rivas, Aldrin A.; Wilson, Scott; Friedel, Michael; Barkle, Greg; Clague, Juliet; Wöhling, Thomas; Moorhead, B.; Lilburne, L.; Eger, Andre; McDowell, Richard; Morgenstern, U.; Fuller, Rebekah; Journeaux, P.; Kusabs, I. (Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey UniversityPalmerston North, New Zealand, 2019)
    To be effective and efficient, decision making on land use, land management, mitigation measures, as well as policy, need to be based on a clear understanding of cause-effect relationships. Present practice is to link ...
  • Modelling velocity structures in turbulent floods using proper orthogonal decomposition 

    Connell, Robert J.; Kulasiri, Gamalathge D. (MSSANZ, 2005-12)
    In New Zealand, there are over 100 communities that are flood prone therefore require good models to predict their vulnerability and also the likely flood depths. Previous work has shown that numerical models under predict ...
  • Fertiliser-coating technology to improve the efficiency of copper uptake in pastures 

    Carey, Peter; Cameron, Keith C.; Di, Hong J.; Cotching, B. (Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey UniversityMassey University, New Zealand, 2018)
    Current practice for trace element (TE) application is to admix granular trace elements in with macro-elemental fertilisers. Although the correct rate of trace elements per hectare can be applied, the distribution of the ...

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