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  • Drift measurements for two systems of hydrogen cyanamide spraying in kiwifruit 

    Connell, Robert J.; Post, Scott; Ledebuhr, M.; Moorhead, B.; Hewitt, Andrew (New Zealand Plant Protection Society (Inc.), 2018-07-26)
    Kiwifruit are sprayed in late winter with hydrogen cyanamide to enhance with bud burst. The trellis layout of kiwifruit vines in combination with the canopy dormancy at that time of year means that a higher portion of the ...
  • Analysis of long-term groundwater storage trends in the Wairau aquifer, New Zealand 

    Wöhling, T.; Gosses, M.; Davidson, P.; Wilson, Scott (2016)
    The Wairau Aquifer covers a small proportion of the Wairau catchment in the Marlborough District of New Zealand just prior to the river discharging into the sea. The aquifer is almost exclusively recharged by surface water ...
  • Identifying near-perfect tunneling in discrete metamaterial loaded waveguides 

    Eccleston, Kimberley; Platt, Ian (MDPI, 2019-01-11)
    Mu-negative and epsilon-negative loaded waveguides taken on their own are nominally cut-off. In ideal circumstances, and when paired in the correct proportions, tunneling will occur. However, due to losses and constraints ...
  • Estimating climate-change effects on a Mediterranean catchment under various irrigation conditions 

    von Gunten, D.; Wöhling, Thomas; Haslauer, C. P.; Merchán, D.; Causapé, J.; Cirpka, O. A. (Elsevier, 2015-09)
    Study region: The Lerma catchment, a small (7.3km²) sub-catchment of the Ebro Basin in northern Spain. Study focus: The Lerma catchment underwent a monitored transition to irrigated agriculture, using water from outside ...
  • Element-specific spectral imaging of multiple contrast agents: A phantom study 

    Panta, R. K.; Bell, Stephen T.; Healy, J. L.; Aamir, R.; Bateman, Christopher; Moghiseh, M.; Butler, A. P. H.; Anderson, N. G. (IOP Publishing on behalf of Sissa Medialab, 2018-02-06)
    This work demonstrates the feasibility of simultaneous discrimination of multiple contrast agents based on their element-specific and energy-dependent X-ray attenuation properties using a pre-clinical photon-counting ...

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