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Farm budget manual 1979

Diprose, R. J.
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ANZSRC::070106 Farm Management, Rural Management and Agribusiness , ANZSRC::150314 Small Business Management
In an era of increasing sophistication in farm management analytical techniques, the budget remains the simplest and yet most versatile technique available to the farmer and his advisor. Essentially a farm budget is a written plan which formalizes an anticipated farm programme and translates it into expected financial results. The information in this manual is set out to assist the individual in assessing any farming orientated financial transaction or computation with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Section 1, "Assistance and Incentives for Farmers", contains direct extracts from the M.A.F. Information Services booklet of the same name. Section 2, "Farm Finance", gives a brief description on the forms of capital and provides information regarding possible sources, lending terms and lending rates. Section 3, "Farm Revenue", is an attempt at assessing representative levels for farm prices for the present financial year. Section 4, "Farm Expenditure", is likewise an attempt at formalizing a financial basis for assessment of farm costs. The information contained in both Sections 3 and 4 should be regarded in light of present highly inflationary times. Section 5 and Section 6 include the information on Income Taxation, Gift and Estate Duty that is to be applicable for the present financial year. Finally, Section 7 includes samples of Gross Margin Analyses to demonstrate this particular budgetary technique and current relativity of different enterprises.
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