LEaP aims to enhance the economic, environmental and social sustainability of societies by improving the understanding of local-global change interactions and by motivating and engaging stakeholders in New Zealand and elsewhere. The Centre's mission statement is 'a network for creating and sharing knowledge', with strategic goals to:

  • Undertake high quality interdisciplinary theoretical and applied research and critique of the changing relationships within and between society and the environment
  • Promote stewardship, health and wellbeing of the environment, society and its diverse cultures, through our educational and research activities

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Recent Submissions

  • Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail visitor survey 2020 

    Mkwara, Lena; Simmons, David G.; Kerr, Geoffrey N. (Lincoln University. LEaPLincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2020-11)
    This report presents the findings from a 2020 survey of Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail (A2O) cyclists. COVID-19 cancelled fieldwork before data collection was complete. The limited data indicate that cyclists are extremely ...
  • The implications of increases in tourism on local users of nature-based recreation settings in the Selwyn District, New Zealand: A review of the literature and selected research methods 

    Apse, Megan Gabrielle; Espiner, Stephen R.; Stewart, Emma (Lincoln University. LEaPLincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2020-04)
    Tourism growth is placing pressure on New Zealand’s natural resources as increasing numbers of international visitors seek out scenic attractions often located in areas managed for conservation and public access. Many of ...
  • Himalayan tahr on game estates outside the tahr feral range 

    Kerr, Geoffrey N.; Ottmann, G.; Cunningham, F. (Lincoln University. LEaPLincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2020-11)
    Two farm-bred, mature male Himalayan tahr were monitored for one year in a fenced enclosure outside the tahr feral range. GIS tracks and heat maps from GPS records showed how the tahr used the space inside the enclosure. ...
  • A local oral history of environmental change in Pelorus / Te Hoiere, Marlborough 

    Coutts, G. L.; Urlich, Stephen (Lincoln University. LEaPLincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2020-07)
    The Pelorus/Te Hoiere was announced as an ‘Exemplar catchment’ for the purposes of restoration, by the Minister of Conservation in late 2019. The catchment restoration project is to be managed by the Kotahitanga mō te ...
  • Visitor survey report Akaroa French Fest 2019 

    Range, I.; Fountain, Joanna M. (Lincoln University. LEaPLincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2020-06)
    This report presents the findings from a 2019 survey of 183 attendees at Akaroa’s FrenchFest 2019. The research reveals that a large majority of attendees enjoyed the festival, in particular its overall atmosphere, the ...

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