LEaP aims to enhance the economic, environmental and social sustainability of societies by improving the understanding of local-global change interactions and by motivating and engaging stakeholders in New Zealand and elsewhere. The Centre's mission statement is 'a network for creating and sharing knowledge', with strategic goals to:

  • Undertake high quality interdisciplinary theoretical and applied research and critique of the changing relationships within and between society and the environment
  • Promote stewardship, health and wellbeing of the environment, society and its diverse cultures, through our educational and research activities

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Recent Submissions

  • Big game hunting satisfaction: A test of diminishing marginal satisfaction of harvest 

    Kerr, Geoffrey N. (Lincoln University. LEaPLincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2017-11)
    This paper investigates the hypotheses that marginal utility from killing game animals in New Zealand big game hunts diminishes with number of kills, and that hunt motivations affect marginal satisfaction. In addition to ...
  • Wine tourists in Central Otago: An analysis of their characteristics, perceptions and experiences 

    Thompson, C.; Fountain, Joanna M. (Lincoln University. LEaPLincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2017-10)
    In the summer of 2014/2015, research was conducted in the Central Otago wine region to determine the characteristics, perceptions and experiences of international and domestic tourists visiting wineries in the area. The ...
  • Investigation of the water use ratio and the importance of Christchurch aquifers to the food and beverage industry 

    Alcee, Mandille (Lincoln University. LEaPLincoln, Canterbury, N.Z., 2017-10)
    Understanding the socio-economic value of freshwater in Christchurch has emerged as long-term development plans for the city ensues with attempts being made to better understand this natural resource and the value it adds ...
  • State of the tourism industry 2016 

    Wilson, Jude; Simmons, David G. (Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) and Lincoln University, New Zealand, 2016-11)
    This report examines the last ten years of tourism in New Zealand and gives a snapshot of the current state and performance of the tourism industry. It is the sixth publication in an annual series produced by Lincoln ...
  • Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail: User Survey 2015/16 

    Wilson, Jude (Lincoln University. LEaPLincoln, Canterbury, N.Z., 2016-06)
    This report presents the findings from a 2015/16 survey of users on the Alps 2 Ocean (A2O) cycle trail. The A2O, running from Aoraki/Mt Cook to Oamaru, is the longest trail in the New Zealand Cycle Trail (NZCT) network. ...

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