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Comparative phylogeography of ground dwelling invertebrates on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

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Show simple item record Macdonald, Nicholas L. 2014-08-12T01:20:49Z 2014-08-12T01:20:49Z 2013
dc.description.abstract Recent research on Banks Peninsula of several invertebrate species shows that populations in different parts of the peninsula are genetically distinct from one another. This suggests vicariance, a continued evolutionary divergence, may be the driving process and offers a model system to test ideas regarding the origins of new species and their phylogeography. In this research, invertebrate taxon composition was used to investigate a differentiation of multiple co-distributed ground-dwelling invertebrates between east and west locations on Banks Peninsula. Genetic analysis was also used to investigate invertebrate biodiversity, with particular interest in answering questions regarding an east-west phylogeographic split among taxa (interspecific) and within tax (intraspecific) on Banks Peninsula. Results showed that a phylogeographic split across the east-west split was observed at both among- and within-species levels. More detailed intraspecific analyses of two spider species, N. janus and P. antipodiana, revealed highly divergent, genealogically exclusive clusters between east and west regions suggestive of cryptic species complexes. The findings of this research ultimately provide better understanding and crucial insight into the origins, maintenance and changes of invertebrate biodiversity on Banks Peninsula. This could serve future biodiversity research projects and be implemented into conservation management by distinguishing areas for invertebrate protection and identifying key sources of invertebrate genetic diversity. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Lincoln University en
dc.subject Banks Peninsula en
dc.subject invertebrate en
dc.subject phylogeography en
dc.subject MtDNA en
dc.subject divergence en
dc.subject taxon en
dc.subject composition en
dc.subject conservation management en
dc.title Comparative phylogeography of ground dwelling invertebrates on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand en
dc.type Thesis en Lincoln University en Masters en Master of Natural Resource Management and Ecological Engineering en
lu.thesis.supervisor Buckley, Hannah
lu.thesis.supervisor Cruickshank, Robert
lu.contributor.unit Department of Ecology en
dc.subject.anzsrc 05 Environmental Sciences en
dc.subject.anzsrc 050202 Conservation and Biodiversity en

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