The Centre for Wildlife Management and Conservation (CWMC) ) vision is for increased recovery of native biodiversity.

Research at the Centre is providing new, effective and humane tools and techniques for reducing populations of invasive mammalian pest species and for monitoring biodiversity increase.

The Centre contributes to the creation of sustainable environmental, social and economic outcomes in the field of conservation.

Through collaboration with communities, Māori, pest control practitioners and research partners, they provide international leadership in the development of innovative pest management tools and strategies to enhance conservation efforts both within New Zealand and internationally.

The multidisciplinary CWMC team and collaborators includes experts in animal ecology, wildlife management, pharmacology, toxicology and design engineering.

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Recent Submissions

  • Encapsulated sodium nitrite as a new toxicant for possum control in New Zealand 

    Shapiro, Lee; Eason, Charles; Bunt, Craig; Hix, S; Aylett, P; MacMorran, D (New Zealand Ecological Society, 2016)
    Sodium nitrite (NaNO₂), a commonly used food preservative, has been researched in New Zealand for the control of brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula). In sufficiently high doses, NaNO₂ is toxic because it disrupts ...
  • Development of re-setting toxin delivery devices for stoats and rats 

    Murphy, E.; Sjoberg, Timothy; Dilks, P.; Barun, Arijana; Smith, D.; Aylett, P.; MacMorran, D.; Eason, Charles
    Rats and stoats continue to have a major impact on biodiversity in New Zealand, and improved control techniques are required to avoid further extinctions. A resetting toxin delivery device (Spitfire) is being developed as ...