Recent Submissions

  • Encapsulated sodium nitrite as a new toxicant for possum control in New Zealand 

    Shapiro, Lee; Eason, Charles; Bunt, Craig; Hix, S; Aylett, P; MacMorran, D (New Zealand Ecological Society, 2016)
    Sodium nitrite (NaNO₂), a commonly used food preservative, has been researched in New Zealand for the control of brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula). In sufficiently high doses, NaNO₂ is toxic because it disrupts ...
  • Development of re-setting toxin delivery devices for stoats and rats 

    Murphy, E.; Sjoberg, Timothy; Dilks, P.; Barun, Arijana; Smith, D.; Aylett, P.; MacMorran, D.; Eason, Charles
    Rats and stoats continue to have a major impact on biodiversity in New Zealand, and improved control techniques are required to avoid further extinctions. A resetting toxin delivery device (Spitfire) is being developed as ...