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The Use of MIS Systems for Corporate Real Estate Asset Management

McDonagh, John
Conference Contribution - published
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::150403 Real Estate and Valuation Services
Prior research has identified that one of the significant factors associated with higher levels of performance in the management of corporate real estate assets is the existence and use of computerized management information systems (MIS). This paper reports the results of a survey of 457 organizations in New Zealand with significant corporate real estate portfolios. It includes details on the existence of and assessed performance of the MIS system as a whole, as well as the importance of various data sub-components. Results include a minority but significant percentage of organizations still lacking CRE MIS systems, or rating their use as unimportant. Few organizations with MIS system rate their performance as excellent. Correlational analysis was also carried out to determine if significant associations could be observed between MIS performance and other organizational characteristics. Findings include significant differences in the ways organizations uses their MIS systems but a high degree of correlation between the performancee of CRE MIS systems and other measures of CRE asset management performance.