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The Proceedings of the Lincoln College Farmers' Conference 1979

Crabb, D. H.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::070106 Farm Management, Rural Management and Agribusiness , ANZSRC::070101 Agricultural Land Management , ANZSRC::070602 Horticultural Crop Improvement (Selection and Breeding) , ANZSRC::0702 Animal Production , ANZSRC::160804 Rural Sociology , ANZSRC::070204 Animal Nutrition
The Lincoln College Farmers’ Conference was an annual event held over a period of thirty six years from 1951 to 1986. It was a forum for farmers with participation in the early years by district nomination. The strength of the Conference was the high number of papers contributed and presented by farmers, and the hard working organising committee. Notably some conference days saw more than five hundred attendees. The demise of the generic Lincoln College Farmers’ Conference in this format was largely due to the establishment of other more specific conferences including Weeds and Pests, Wool, and Sheep and Beef.