The Tourism, Recreation Research and Education Centre (TRREC) is an initiative at Lincoln University to facilitate interdisciplinary tourism, recreation and leisure research and education opportunities, particularly those that focus on public resource issues including the public sector interface with the tourism and recreation industries.

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Recent Submissions

  • Christchurch City destination benchmarking survey 2001 final report 

    Tourism, (Lincoln University. Tourism Recreation Research and Education Centre., 2001-06)
    This report represents the findings of a survey of visitors to Christchurch undertaken between late March and April 2001. The survey was commissioned by Christchurch & Canterbury Marketing Limited (CCML) and undertaken by ...
  • Rights of public access to the foreshore : a study of public awareness and opinions 

    Doody, Brendan J.; Booth, Kay L. (Social Science, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Group, Lincoln UniversityLincoln, Canterbury., 2004-05)
    This study examines the way a sample of Christchurch residents use the foreshore for outdoor recreation, how they perceive their access rights and what they think about proposed foreshore and access initiatives. It responds ...
  • Tourism, growth and infrastructure demands: data review and gap analysis 

    Dakers, Andrew J.; Simmons, David G. (Lincoln University. Tourism Recreation Research and Education Centre, 2004-08)
  • Tourism, water, wastewater and waste services in small towns 

    Cullen, Ross; Dakers, A.; Meyer-Hubbert, G. (Lincoln University. Tourism Recreation Research and Education CentreLincoln University, Christchurch, 2004-03)
    This is a two-part report on research completed during 2003/2004 in Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura. The research was conducted by the Tourism Recreation Research and Education Centre (TRREC) at Lincoln University. Hanmer ...
  • Emerging tourism planning processes and practices in New Zealand : a local and regional perspective 

    Jones, T.; Shone, Michael C.; Memon, Pyar A. (Lincoln University. Tourism Recreation Research and Education CentreLincoln, Canterbury, 2003-07)
    The research reported in this study was undertaken in the context of the New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2010 (released in 2001) and the anticipated amendments to the Local Government Act 1974 (amended in December 2002). The ...

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