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  • Guidelines for community odour assessment 

    Blackford, C.; Greer, Glen; Young, James B. (Lincoln University. Department of Resource Management / Lincoln EnvironmentalLincoln, Canterbury, 1998-06)
    This project has been partially funded under the Ministry for the Environment's Sustainable Management Fund and contributes towards maintaining air quality in New Zealand. The management of effects of odour-producing ...
  • Modelling and mapping timber yield and its value using geographical information systems : a study of Sitka spruce and beech 

    Bateman, Ian J.; Lovett, Andrew A. (Lincoln University. Department of Resource Management / Lincoln Environmental., 1997-09)
    A geographical information system (GIS) is used to combine and analyse data from a existing large-area databases concerning tree growth, plantation management and the environmental characteristics of planted sites in Wales. ...
  • Non market valuation in New Zealand 

    Kerr, Geoffrey N. (Lincoln University and University of Canterbury.Centre for Resource Management., 1988-07)
    There is a demand for non-market valuation information in New Zealand which is likely to increase with current "more-market" policies. Information needs range from identifying non-market values, through methods for ...
  • Pines, pulp and people : a case study of New Zealand forestry towns 

    McClintock, Wayne; Taylor, Nick (Lincoln College and University of Canterbury. Centre for Resource Management., 1983)
    New Zealand is currently experiencing a major restructuring of the productive base of its economy in response to wider changes in the world economic system. A number of major resource development projects are being ...
  • Risk and uncertainty 

    Gough, Janet D. (Lincoln College and University of Canterbury. Centre for Resource Management., 1988-07)
    This paper presents an overview of the risk literature, concentrating on general approaches to risk analysis and risk assessment. We believe that this is an essential first step towards the setting of guidelines or the ...

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