Recent Submissions

  • Proceedings of the 1983 Hill and High Country Seminar, Lincoln College, 10-11 May 1983 

    Robertson, B. T. (Lincoln College, Centre for Resource Management, 1983-11)
    The proceedings include the full text of the following papers: J. B. Dent & James Stewart, Farming without SMP’s; J. G. Bayley, Farming without SMP’s; I. G. C. Kerr, Production, performance and prospects in the high country; ...
  • Proceedings of the 1985 Hill and High Country Seminar, Lincoln College, July 1985 

    Robertson, B. T.; Johnston, W. (Centre for Resource Management, 1986-03)
    The proceedings include the full text of the following papers: G. Batten, The challenge of goats; B. R. D. Purchas, Goat management and fibre returns; Joan E. Radcliffe, Gorse control with goats; G. L. Holgate Sweet brier ...
  • Environment and ethics : a New Zealand contribution 

    Howell, John (Centre for Resource Management, 1986)
    This collection of essays promotes a dialogue between a group of philosophers and ecologists on the subject of environmental ethics. Through group meetings and a mutual exchange of drafts over a period of two years, each ...
  • Mountain beech forest : an educational resource 

    Jowett, Warren; Stephenson, Ian; Coates, Felicity (Centre for Resource Management, Lincoln College for the Canterbury Science Teachers’ Association, 1985)
    Many teachers of biology in Canterbury enjoy taking their students into mountain beech forest for field studies. An oft-expressed complaint in the past has been the lack of simple, readily available resource material to ...
  • Social assessment : theory, process and techniques 

    Taylor, C. Nicholas; Bryan, C. Hobson; Goodrich, Colin. G. (Centre for Resource Management, 1990-08)
    Impetus in New Zealand for the development of theory, process, and techniques of social assessment comes from major social change. This change has been in the restructuring and reform of the public service and the resource ...

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