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  • Property rights: means or ends? 

    McClurg, T. (Lincoln College, University of Canterbury, 1986)
    Problems concerning the allocation and use of natural resources are increasingly being described in terms of the property right relations that apply to those resources, with changes to property rights proposed as solutions. ...
  • Effectiveness of an international environmental regime: the protocol on the environmental protection to the Antarctic Treaty 

    Rippingale, Gen (Lincoln University, 1992)
    The Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty on Environmental Protection, signed in Madrid in October, 1991, is a landmark in the progressive institutional development that has been a feature of the Antarctic Treaty system. It ...
  • Effects of fertiliser and grazing on a pasture species mixture in high country 

    Scott, D.; Covacevich, N. (New Zealand Grassland Association., 1987)
    The effect of 30 treatments (5 fertiliser rates x 3 stocking densities x 2 grazing methods) on an undeveloped tussock/hawkweed high country grassland site, sown with 12 legumes and 12 grasses and herbs, is reported. The ...
  • Property rights and hazardous substances policy 

    Hide, Rodney P.; Ackroyd, Peter (Lincoln College. Centre for Resource Management., 1989-02-17)
    This paper presents an analysis of New Zealand's law relating to hazardous substances. The analysis follows the method outlined in the Centre for Resource Management's publication "Property Rights and Natural Resource ...
  • The freehold option 

    Hide, Rodney P.; Ackroyd, Peter (Lincoln College, 1989-06)
    Whereas the advantages of freehold are accepted for the rest of New Zealand, the same cannot be said of the High Country. Its multiple uses and sensitive nature are thought to require government's directing hand, with ...

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