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Perceptions of the state of New Zealand's environment: findings from the first biennial survey undertaken in 2000

Hughey, Kenneth F. D.
Kerr, Geoffrey N.
Cullen, Ross
Cook, Andrew J.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::0502 Environmental Science and Management
The main aims of the research are to measure, analyse and monitor changes in New Zealanders' perceptions, attitudes and preferences towards a range of environmental issues, ultimately contributing to improved state of the environment reporting. Specific objectives are to: • Implement a questionnaire, operated biennially, to measure and monitor New Zealanders' environmental attitudes, perceptions, and preferences; • Provide independent commentary on key issues of public concern as a medium for providing policy advice to government and others; • Provide space for individual researchers to derive one-off research data for individual areas of interest, including teaching purposes; and • To report biennially, via a published report and other research publications, on findings from the questionnaire.
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