Examining cultural differences in Airbnb naming convention and user reception: An eye-tracking study

Hong, WCH
Ngan, HFB
Yu, J
Arbouw, Paula
Journal Article
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::3504 Commercial services , ANZSRC::3506 Marketing , ANZSRC::3508 Tourism
Listing titles significantly impact consumer behaviors on shared-economy platforms (e.g. Airbnb). Due to limited research on the length, informativeness, and creativity of titles in this context, this research investigates consumers’ responses and perceptions towards various types of listing titles by exploring their cognitive processes and conscious preferences. In a three-phase study design, this research analyzed Airbnb listing titles in China and America, conducted eye-tracking experiments, and collected surveys to evaluate the effects of title length and informativeness. The results revealed cultural differences in titles, but similar behaviors among Chinese and English-speaking consumers. Cultural assumptions, processing, and informativeness were discussed.
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