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Measuring diversity and abundance of invertebrates in Ahuriri, Coopers Knob and Orongomai Reserves in the Port Hills, Canterbury

Bowie, Mike H.
Vink, Cor J.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::0602 Ecology
The Port Hills Rangers (Greenspace Unit, Christchurch City Council) in conjunction with Environment Canterbury are ecologically restoring several reserves on the Port Hills of Canterbury. Vegetation, birds and invertebrates are being monitored to collect baseline information on presence and abundance of the taxa. This study, combined with the previous surveys, will provide baseline invertebrate data for comparisons in future years. It may also enable some effects of ecological restoration through pest management to be measured. This work reports on the invertebrate abundance and diversity of three reserves on the Port Hills using three sampling methods in an attempt to corroborate the use of the non-destructive methods. The two sites showing the highest diversities (Ahuriri and Coopers Knob) and lowest (Orongomai), over the previous two years were selected for monitoring over the 2005-6 period. Only three sites were chosen due to the extra work needed to carry out the pitfall trapping and identifications. This report discusses results and suggests possible future research.