Methods for the evaluation of the bioactivity and biocontrol potential of species of Trichoderma

Steyaert, J
Hicks, E
Kandula, J
Kandula, D
Alizadeh, Hossein
Braithwaite, M
Yardley, J
Mendoza-Mendoza, A
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Fields of Research
ANZSRC::100202 Biological Control , ANZSRC::060199 Biochemistry and Cell Biology not elsewhere classified , ANZSRC::3101 Biochemistry and cell biology , ANZSRC::3404 Medicinal and biomolecular chemistry
Members of the genus Trichoderma comprise the majority of commercial fungal biocontrol agents of plant diseases. As such, there is a wealth of information available on the analysis of their biocontrol potential and the mechanisms behind their superior abilities. This chapter aims to summarize the most common methods utilized within a Trichoderma biocontrol program for assessing the biological properties of individual strains.
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