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Is there a need for a certified organic standard for soil-less indoor growing mediums (specifically vegetables)

Hanna Lynda, JE
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::070108 Sustainable Agricultural Development , ANZSRC::0706 Horticultural Production
Research covered concludes that there is a definite need for our industry globally to unite together to attain an organic certification for soiless cultures. Through the years there has been a lot of time, money and energy put into growing with artificial chemicals and fertilisers however now more than ever market pressure has us minimising their use if not moving out of them totally. I have endeavoured to look at soiless cultures because they are in fact from nature, "organic" and ways we can utilise them in a sustainable manner and work towards nil artificial chemical and fertiliser use. Growing in soil is not the only organic way. We need to use other growing techniques to sustain our people and our environment. With the world population exploding, we need to feed our people, while caring for our environment, after all our environment feeds us. Recommendations from my report conclude that we cannot apply a blinker policy to organics, thinking beyond the square and flexible enough to have sustainable growing systems for our people and earth. We need a certified organic standard for soiless indoor growing mediums.