Do Targeted Selective Treatments (TST) work?

Greer, Andrew W.
Conference Contribution - unpublished
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The question of whether targeted selective treatment (TST) anthelmintic regimes work is a very pertinent one. What appears to be a simple question on the surface is, in fact, far more complex when given due consideration. The reality is that this question is being asked to alleviate fears of imminent doom by veterinarians, advisors and farmers when considering changing from their current anthelmintic regimes. Albert Einstein is quoted as once saying the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Ever since the trichlabendazoles were released over half a century ago whole-flock and regular anthelmintic treatments have relatively rapidly resulted in the development of anthelmintic resistance to each new active and/or formulation. So perhaps at the same time of considering whether TST regimes work we should also consider if it is actually our current whole-flock neo-suppressive regimes that do not work.
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