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The role of New Zealand Pork in the future of the pork industry

Ryan Amanda, NJ
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::140201 Agricultural Economics , ANZSRC::140209 Industry Economics and Industrial Organisation
The New Zealand Pork Industry has changed rapidly in the last ten years, but even more so in the past three years. The first section of this report is an attempt to document some of the changes to the industry and the role of the New Zealand Pork Industry Board in these changes. It builds on the Profile of the New Zealand Pork Industry written by former CEO David Dobson in 1996. The New Zealand Pork industry is becoming co-ordinated and increasingly industrial in its production and distribution, with a focus on consumers and consumer requirements. A review of the changes to the American pork industry has shown how some of these changes have resulted in an almost completed integrated industry. There is evidence of some of these changes occurring in the New Zealand pork industry with consolidation of farms, abattoirs and processors, emergence of producer groups and differentiation of products. An interpretation of what the industry could look like in five years time gives an indication of the commercial focus that the industry could achieve, as well as the dramatic change of focus and paradigm shift in thinking that would be required to reach it. It also gives some intimation as to what the role of the New Zealand Pork Industry Board should undertake in the future, given that the object of the Board is. .. "to help in the attainment, in the interests of pig producers, of the best possible net ongoing returns for New Zealand pigs, pork products and co-products".