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A social-economic study of land development for farm settlement at Butler's

Taylor, C. N.
Blake-Kelly, A.
Leathers, K. L.
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Fields of Research
ANZSRC::440406 Rural community development , ANZSRC::300299 Agriculture, land and farm management not elsewhere classified
The primary aim of the study is to identify the likely impacts of publicly-funded programmes of land development for farm settlement on the social life and economy of small communities in the West Coast Region. As this is a preliminary, or scoping, type of analysis the investigation focuses on the identification of important issues regarding land development and settlement rather than a definitive assessment of particular impacts. Specifically, the study attempts to identify the key issues of major planning importance for the Butler's development block in Westland County. The proposed Butler's development, a 5427 hectare Lands and Survey Department block located between Ross and Hokitika, is representative of land development opportunities and related issues on the West Coast generally.
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