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Consumer adoption of plant-based meat substitutes: A network of social practices

White, Samantha
Ballantine, PW
Ozanne, LK
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This research aimed to understand the consumption practices of plant-based meat substitutes (PBMS). Semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted with consumers and Social Practice Theory (SPT) was adopted as the theoretical framework to explore emerging themes relating to consumer practices. Findings indicate that consumers engage in a number of related practices that include the acquisition, preparation, and consumption of PBMS which were embedded within a larger network of practices that included storage, substitution, and food safety, as well as broader meat-based, meat-free, plant-based, and social and cultural practices. This paper highlights the importance of social and cultural structures in facilitating product awareness, and meaning and skill development in the context of dietary and behavioural change. Implications for research, marketing, and policymaking practices are discussed with regard to the marketing of plant-based meat substitutes as well as shifting consumer behaviour.
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