Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into decision and policy-making for Disaster Risk Reduction

Lambert, Simon J.
Athayde, S.
Yin, L.
Baudoin, M.-A.
Okorie, V.
Conference Contribution - unpublished
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::1605 Policy and Administration
In a world of increasing uncertainty and risk from hazards and climate change, Indigenous Peoples are among the most vulnerable groups. Nevertheless, Indigenous communities around the world hold unique and invaluable Indigenous Knowledge (IK) applicable to disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA). This presentation introduces a new project funded by the IRDR International Center of Excellence, Taipei, on IK and risk perception, interpretation and action for both man-made and natural disasters. In this presentation, the group will share preliminary insights across four countries, showing approaches for synthesising relevant data and information from case studies in New Zealand, Brazil, Benin and Nigeria, each dealing with a different hazard and disaster risk. In addition to preparing academic articles articulating different social sciences disciplines, the project will produce multimedia learning modules for diverse audiences on the role of IK in DRR and CCA in each of the selected countries, and contribute to building a network for scholars and Indigenous communities to continue this valuable research.
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