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Farmers' responses to economic restructuring in Hurunui and Clutha Counties: preliminary analysis of survey data

Fairweather, John R.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::070106 Farm Management, Rural Management and Agribusiness , ANZSRC::070107 Farming Systems Research , ANZSRC::160804 Rural Sociology
Primary production is undergoing rapid changes at the present tilne and there are two broad areas where these changes have an impact. The first and most immediate impact is on farmers themselves as they seek to adjust to a new economic order. The second impact is on the character of the structure of agriculture. Decisions taken now by individual farmers add up to longer term changes in the overall character of the pri mary producti on industry. The AERU contri butes to understanding primary production by undertaking research which focuses on these two types of changes. A topic of immediate concern is farmers' responses to economic restructuring. In this research report Dr Fairweather begins the process of studying changes in primary production by reporting the results of a survey of farmers in Hurunui and Clutha counties undertaken in August/September 1986. The report gives a general overview of farmers responses and includes data on financial situation in conjunction with attitudes, needs, and approach to farming.