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How to write a research proposal : guidelines for Lincoln University students preparing for postgraduate research

Fairweather, John R.
Technical Report
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ANZSRC::190302 Professional Writing , ANZSRC::190303 Technical Writing
This document is aimed at students who are preparing for postgraduate study and who want to do thesis research. The first major step is preparing a research proposal. These guidelines are intended to be helpful to students in all disciplines. Students contemplating research need to prepare a research proposal to communicate their ideas to their supervisors and to help clarify their ideas to themselves. Once this process is completed you can use the proposal to convince other researchers of the merits of your proposed research and to make an application to possible funding agencies. The following guidelines incorporate the essential elements of a proposal, using headings which are generally used and recognised as important in organising research ideas. The main purpose of a proposal is to provide answers to key questions about: the background of the proposed research, the research issue, the literature review, the research objectives, the importance of the research, the design and methods, the timeline and the budget. In the following guide each section of a research proposal is listed along with some brief comments of explanation or guidance.