Designing law and policy for the health and resilience of marine and coastal ecosystems—Lessons from (and for) Aotearoa New Zealand

Macpherson, E
Jorgenson, E
Paul, A
Rennie, Hamish
Fisher, K
Talbot-Jones, J
Hewitt, J
Allison, A
Banwell, J
Parkinson, A
Journal Article
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::300505 Fisheries management , ANZSRC::440805 Environmental politics , ANZSRC::300501 Aquaculture , ANZSRC::440704 Environment policy , ANZSRC::480203 Environmental law , ANZSRC::4802 Environmental and resources law , ANZSRC::4803 International and comparative law
Ecosystem-based approaches to marine management, which integrate marine law and policy across sectors, communities, and scales, are increasingly advocated for in international policy debates and scholarly literature. We highlight critical and timely opportunities in Aotearoa New Zealand’s evolving legal context to support an ecosystem-based approach across fisheries regulation, biodiversity conservation, environmental effects management, and Indigenous or customary rights. Given the scale of proposed law reform affecting the ocean in Aotearoa New Zealand, there are important global lessons to be elucidated from (and for) the Aotearoa New Zealand experience, revealing the potential for law to center the health of ocean ecosystems and related people in integrated marine decision making.
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