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Is there enough food for all of us? Examining entrepreneurial activity within food security

Ahmed, Hafsa
Ranabahu, N
de Vries, H
Conference Contribution - published
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Global crises affect food systems and disrupt the world’s food security. In mitigating food insecurity, the focus has been on increasing crop yield and productivity. However, social scientists argue that there is enough food to feed everyone if losses and waste are minimised through the use of entrepreneurial activities. This study aims to explore such entrepreneurial activities undertaken by organisations across the globe to reduce food waste/loss and improve food security. We used systematic literature review technique and identified 100 articles and ten themes using NVivo 12. These themes mainly reflect the environment, innovation, community action, and technology associated with food security. The entrepreneurial actions reflect collaborations across the food supply chain, enhancement of technology, development of capabilities, and establishment of industry and infrastructure to better address food losses and waste. These findings provide academic, managerial and policy implications.
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