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Goats : a bibliography

O'Donnell, D. K.
Sheppard, R. L.
Discussion Paper
Fields of Research
The publication of this bibliography is intended to bring together under one cover a list of references on particular areas concerning goats. The list is not exhaustive, but it is considered that those people with a particular interest in special areas of the goat industry may find the references a suitable starting point for further investigation of the specific topic. Many of the publications listed also include further references on goats within specialised fields and it is anticipated that the indications of general directions for reading material contained herein can be consolidated through use of the more specialised references so obtained. The bibliography has been set out in sections to assist users in locating references suitable for the particular field of interest. As many of the references cited are general in application, these references have been repeated within relevant sections where they provide information on more than one area. Although some sections are much larger than others, it is hoped that this reflects the variability of the degree of interest and research undertaken in particular areas rather than bias in assembly of the bibliography. The publication of this document is part of the Agricultural Economics Research Unit contribution to assisting in the search for information on the goat (in conjunction with our Background Paper on Goats: Discussion Paper No. 42 and our publication of the Proceedings of the Goat Industry Workshop held at Lincoln College, July 3 and 4 1979). It is hoped that through these publications a better understanding of the Goat Industry can be developed and further interest in research into the problems facing the industry can be stimulated.