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Management conflicts associated with mineral exploration in Fiordland National Park : A dissertation to complete Diploma of Parks and Recreation (Park Ranger option) [Lincoln College]

Davies, Michael
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ANZSRC::370505 Mineralogy and crystallography , ANZSRC::410406 Natural resource management
The subject of this dissertation, "Management Conflicts Associated with Mineral Exploration in Fiordland National Park" is not a simple one , mainly due to the wider implications that it can include. In handling this subject the wider implications are only touched on and not pursued due to their complexity; a much larger and wider encompassing study would be necessary to fully tackle the subject. The initial part of this work is an identification of the background information, the history and development of mining legislation and the process of mineral exploration to set the scene and offer explanation to succeeding chapters. The main emphasis is on the review of relevant legislation directly related to mineral exploration and the activity itself within Fiordland and their interrelationships, using the Mining Amendment Act 1981 as a cut- off point. The main purpose of the study is a historical review to illustrate the management conflicts inherent in the activity of mineral exploration in Fiordland to offer knowledge for the future acquired from retrospective viewing of previous decisions and activity and their implications. No major recommendations or conclusions are drawn, rather observations are made. Gaps can occur in this material due to the current nature of the topic and also information-gathering problems related to the confidential nature of certain necessary information. Criticism may be levelled that little reference is made to the significance of national park values; I justify this by the fact that the subject is mineral exploration being carried out in a national park and the explanation of this process hopefully conjures up a picture of its possible effect on already known national park values . It must be realised that this work deals only with mineral exploration as an activity, not mining. Although the assumption is made that mining is the "possible" directly resulting activity. In conclusion, this dissertation as a historical review attempts to identify "why" changes and activity have occurred, giving an understanding to the reasons for policy and its progressive change.
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