VFR tourism and intersecting global mobilities: Experiences of international PhD students in New Zealand

Tran, MND
Moore, Kevin
Steel, Gary
Journal Article
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::1506 Tourism , ANZSRC::130103 Higher Education , ANZSRC::3508 Tourism , ANZSRC::4406 Human geography
This article examines the VFR tourism behaviour of international PhD students in New Zealand. Both quantitative (419 online survey responses) and qualitative (six focus groups) methods were used. The results showed considerable participation of international PhD students in VFR tourism during their studies, although at relatively low travel frequency (1–3 times per year). Students undertook a wide range of activities when travelling to visit their friends and relatives, and often stayed with the visited friends or relatives. The findings also indicate a number of travel behavioural differences and similarities between the VF and VR categories. The study recognises potential growth of non-traditional forms of VFR tourism such as VFR tourism in a third place, and VFR in transit. A conceptual framework was proposed to help describe spatial flows of VFR tourism. Overall, this paper adds to the understanding of the VFR tourism phenomenon in the global mobile context.
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