Reducing environmental impacts at Antarctica NZ's Scott Base

Abbott, Michael R.
Lockrey, S.
Verghese, K.
Walton, E.
Conference Contribution - published
Fields of Research
A study examining environmental impacts associated with food, energy use, water use and built infrastructure was undertaken at Scott Base (2011-12). Researchers from Lincoln University/University of Otago and RMIT formulated whole of systems models that integrated Life Cycle Analysis with an understanding of human factors that both directed, and were constrained, by operational systems. This work is based on prior studies, and methods developed, during research by the team with Air NZ and and NZ’s Ministry of Science and Innovation to reduce waste and weight on the airline’s long-haul catering service. This presentation reports on key findings including: comparison of environmental impacts associated with sea and air freight when provisioning Scott Base, drivers for food waste and impact levels, building performance, and water usage. Opportunities to develop an environmental footprinting tool for research events, and ways to integrate environmental performance with communication, education and outreach requirements are also discussed.
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