Trends in dairy farming and milk production: The cases of the United Kingdom and New Zealand

Evans, Alison
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ANZSRC::0702 Animal Production , ANZSRC::0701 Agriculture, Land and Farm Management , ANZSRC::07 Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
Today dairy production is serving over 7 billion consumers and providing livelihoods for approximately 1 billion people living on dairy farms (IFCN, 2015). Dairying is an important enterprise within the agriculture sector (FAO, 2013). The production of cow’s milk and buffalo milk in the world is estimated at 721 million tonnes, of which around 62% is processed (IFCN, 2015). In many countries it provides the daily food at household level, contributing to improved nutrition. It can also provide regular income. Dairy animals are also used for traction and the provision of manure as both fertilizer and a fuel source. The current average herd size is three cows, with less than 0.3% greater than 100 cows (IFCN, 2015). The key challenges lie in the complexity of the industry and the high rate of change in the ever more globalized world (IFCN, 2015). Strategic improvements can increase farm income and create employment within the wider community and further along the food supply chain.
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