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It's the Sounds Jim but not as we knew them

Urlich, Stephen
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You know that your environmental management has hit rock-bottom when it comes to the attention of renowned Stuff cartoonist Tom Scott. William Shatner, aka Captain James T. Kirk, is depicted floating in space, lamenting the state of the Marlborough Sounds on his recent trip into orbit. The cartoon followed a scientific report to Marlborough District Council on why Pelorus Sound/Te Hoiere is swimming in mud as the recent satellite image shows. Marlborough Mayor, John Leggett, was recently quoted in Stuff as saying “There's nothing really new here. It's what we're going to do about it that's important”. Let’s channel Mr Spock, and ask whether there is something new in the report? In fact there is. The NIWA study is a remarkable forensic investigation that ‘fingerprints’ the different sources of sediment. It reveals a startlingly picture of new and old sediments.
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