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Assessment of tahr survival during aerial 1080 applications in the Perth River valley, South Westland

Kerr, Geoffrey N.
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::410202 Biosecurity science and invasive species ecology , ANZSRC::300299 Agriculture, land and farm management not elsewhere classified , ANZSRC::300304 Animal protection (incl. pests and pathogens) , ANZSRC::410407 Wildlife and habitat management , ANZSRC::410404 Environmental management
Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP), in collaboration with DOC and Predator Free 2050 Ltd, is undertaking a research and development programme of work in the Perth River valley, South Westland (43.2616° S, 170.3590° E) seeking to develop the technologies to enable the complete removal of possums, ship rats, and stoats; and then defend the site from re-establishment of these species. The initial removal stage of the programme included undertaking two aerial 1080 operations (each using a different bait type and lure) over the course of four months, aiming to remove all target individuals of those species.