Deposit guidelines and FAQ

About Research@Lincoln

What is Research@Lincoln?

Research@Lincoln aims to collect in one place the research produced by members of Lincoln University. Where copyright allows, we make this open access, ie free to read.

What kinds of document are included in Research@Lincoln?

We accept completed scholarly items that have been created or sponsored by Lincoln University staff, students, or units. This includes materials such as:

  • journal articles
  • book chapters
  • discussion papers
  • research reports
  • conference papers, posters, and presentations
  • theses

Other materials associated with research will be considered for deposit on a case-by-case basis. Datasets and software may be more appropriate for Data@Lincoln and some audio and video files may be more appropriate for Tikaka Tuku Iho | Living Heritage

Depositing Research into Research@Lincoln

How can I contribute my work?

Current Lincoln University staff should deposit via Symplectic Elements in the first instance. This lets you manage your research profile, PBRF portfolio, and Research@Lincoln papers in a single place.

Thesis students should follow the instructions on our guide Depositing into Research@Lincoln.

Other users should contact us to explain which collection(s) you would like to deposit into, and a brief description of the type of material to be deposited. If it is a specific named series of reports, for example, we may need to create a collection for you. We'll then contact you when you are able to submit items.

Submissions will be validated and approved by Learning, Teaching and Library staff before being made available through Research@Lincoln.

Can files be deleted after upload?

Because Research@Lincoln is intended to provide for long-term, permanent access to research outputs, we strongly discourage removal of content from the system. However, there may be circumstances in which it is necessary to remove an item. In such cases, please contact us and we will take the appropriate action.

Copyright and Publication

Do I retain copyright to my work in Research@Lincoln?

Yes, you retain any rights that you had prior to deposit. We only ask you to agree to a Deposit Licence that confirms you have the right to deposit it, and grants us the right to store, preserve, and make your work open access.

Will my publisher allow me to deposit in Research@Lincoln?

Different publishers have different policies – contact us if you'd like us to check the policy for your journal. Generally:

  • preprints (the version you first submitted to the publisher, pre-peer review) are most likely to be allowed, especially if it's common in your discipline to post to a preprint repository like arXiv, bioRxiv, etc
  • accepted manuscripts / postprints (the last version you sent to the publisher, post-peer review, without any publisher branding on it) are commonly allowed but may be embargoed for some period. We'll manage the embargo for you.
  • the publisher's version (as published, or with their branding on it) is usually only allowed if you applied a Creative Commons Licence or modified your copyright transfer agreement before signing with the publisher.

Where can I get more information about copyright issues?

For more information about copyright, contact us.