Papers presented at the New Zealand Branch, Australian Agricultural Economics Society Conference, Blenheim, July 1988

Discussion Paper
Fields of Research
The themes for the 1986 Conference of the New Zealand Branch of the Australian Agricultural Economics Society were Trade Policy and the GATT Negotiations, Non-Government Arrangements for Funding Agricultural Research, Adjustment in Agriculture, and International Agribusiness Issues. This discussion paper includes the full text of the following papers: Don Greenfield, Trade policy and the GATT negotiations; Donald MacLaren, On the meaning and measurement of agricultural trade distortions; I.J. Bourke and D. Wije-Wardana, GATT multilateral trade negotiations and forest products trade; Ronnie Horesh and S SriRamaratnam, Technical aspects of trade negotiations; Veronica Jardine, Grant M. Scobie and Gary R. Baker, The incidence of trade policies on agriculture: the case of ecuador; T.D. Heiler, Operating a R & D organisation in the user pay environment; R.A. Richardson, Funding and resource allocation in rural and wool research - An Australian viewpoint; R.W.M. Johnson, Adjustiment in agriculture: agribusiness; D.K. Crump, Adjustment in the wheat and flour industry; John Gibson, Bert Ward & Ralph Lattimore, Structural adjustment in egg price determination; Walter Morre and Ron Sandrey, Adjustiment in the kiwifruit industry; A.J. Pollock, Speech notes for AAES NZ branch conference; Roland Woods, International marketing - prospects for statutory producer marketing organisations; A.C. Zwart , Controlling exports : the role of marketing boards; R.W.M. Johnson, Commodity markets and NZ exports; O. Negendank, Kiwifruit - a case for the international coordination of marketing strategies; Y.S. Chiao, Is the recent sharp drop in fertiliser usage a major concern for pastoral production?; Gus Hooke, Why farmers should worry about the budget balance; Ronnie Horesh, Social policy bonds; Grant M. Scoble and Veronica Jardine, Macroeconomic policy, the real exchange rate and agricultural growth: the case of Ecuador; S. SriRamaratnam The New Zealand live sheep export quota: the potential impact and economic considerations; R.L. St. Hill, Single market disequilibrium models: an introduction and application to agricultural finance in New Zealand.