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Influence of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and lime on growth and flowering of potted Cyclamen

Gillespie, John B.
Thomas, Michael B.
Journal Article
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ANZSRC::060703 Plant Developmental and Reproductive Biology , ANZSRC::060701 Phycology (incl. Marine Grasses) , ANZSRC::060705 Plant Physiology
The effects of five levels of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P). potassium (K), and lime on potted cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) grown in peat/sand, 1:1 vIv were studied. Nitrogen strongly influenced most aspects of growth and flowering; it was supplied by Osmocote (26% N). Strongest corm and foliage growth occurred at 450 to 600g N m-3, while early flowering and flowers per plant were promoted at these levels. as long as added P was low. Low to medium levels of P and K appeared primarily to be required for flower quality. such as size. The plants appeared very tolerant of liming and a rate as high as 24 kg m-3 was optimal for flower size (dry weight) and stalk length, when combined with very high N rates.